Shengen Faction Info Edit

Capital: Luxembourg (49.6000° N, 6.1167° E)

Government Leadership: President, Prime Minister and Council

Population: 630~ million

Values: Cultural Conservationism/Inclusion, Metanationalism, Democracy, Free Speech/ Free Media

Primary Government Institutions Edit

Shengen Commission  (SCom) (State) Edit

  • Leader: President (Chosen from Regional Governors)
  • Members: Regional Governors (Chosen by and from members of a Region,

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Law or Legislation Proposals
  • Implementation of Policies
  • Interphyle Negotiations
  • Secondary Veto on Parliament actions

Shengen Parliament (SPar) (Budgetary Power) Edit

  • Leader: Prime Minister (Chosen from Community Governors)
  • Members: Community Governors (Chosen by and from members of a Registered Community)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Democratic control over Shengen institutions
  • Budgetary power and decides in the last instance on the general budget
  • Ability to set wages for Council and Commision members
  • Secondary Veto on Commision actions

Shengen Council (SCon) (Executive Power) Edit

  • Members: Boule Leaders (Chosen by and from Boule Members)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Gives the necessary impetus for the development and sets out general objectives and priorities
  • Ensures compliance with Shengen Law ("Guardian of the Treaties")
  • Can appoint Commander Supreme
  • Final Veto on Parliament and Commision actions

Secondary Government Institutions Edit

Shengen Court of Justice (SCJ) (Judiciary) Edit

  • High Judge (Appointed by Commission)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Highest legal power inside of Shengen borders
  • Power to decide legal disputes between institutions, businesses and individuals

Shengen Central Bank (SCB) (Monetary Executive) Edit

  • President of Central Bank (Appointed by Council)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Determiner of the monetary policy of the Shengen
  • Ensures price stability in the Shengen

Shengen Court of Auditors (SCA) (Financial auditor) Edit

  • President of Court of Auditors (Appointed by Parliament from Corporate Consul)
  • Corporate Consul (CEO's of richest 100 corporation)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Examines the proper use of revenue and expenditure of the Shengen institutions

Shengen Armed Forces (SAF) (Military Power) Edit

  • Shengen Police Force (SPLF)
  • Shengen Military Force (SMFR) (Army, Navy and Aerospace)
  • Shengen Intelligence Agency (SIAG) (Marine and Covert Forces)

Responsibilities and Powers Edit

  • Defense of the Phyle
  • Necessary neutralization of the enemies of Phyle
  • Commander Supreme rank is higher than Commander-in-Chief (which held by President).

SMFR Officer Ranks Edit

Commander Supreme1> Marshal/Admiral/Commander2> General > Brigadier > Colonel > Major > Captain > Lieutenant > Second Lieutenant > Cadet

1- Wartime Rank, 2- Army/Navy/Aerospace

Terminology Edit

Boule: Political/Ideological Party.

Community Governor: Someone who chosen from the members of a Registered Community, by the members of that respective community.

Region: Land that defined by Shengen Law that governed by Regional Governors.

Regional Governors: Chosen person that governs a Region and chosen by the people that lives in that Region.

Registered Community: A group of people (at least 100000 bodies) that shares same Culture or Religion. Has the right to select its Community Governor.

15 Biggest Companies of Shengen Edit

1. Axa-Alianz (High Tech)

2. Totalshell (Oil, Gas and Mining)

3. EADS (Aeronautics)

4. Juxt (Mining)

5. EON (Electronics, High Tech)

6. Bassef-Fabrik (Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals)

7. HSBC (Financial Services)

8. Statoil (Oil, Gas and Mining)

9. Volkswagen-Bahn (Automotive)

10. Xstrata (Consumer Goods, Agriculture)

11. Vodkom (Telecommunications)

12. Nestle (Consumer Goods, Agriculture)

13. Volvo (Automotive)

14. Siemens (Electronics, Consumer Goods, Energy Generation)

15. Franz-Vinci (Transportation, Construction, Automative)